Fulfilling My Dream In Psychiatry

I have always had a dream of studying Psychology and Medicine to pursue a career in Pediatric Psychiatry. I have a passion for helping those with mental disabilities because I feel like many people still overlook the severity of psychological disorders. Growing up in a pay check to pay check household I’ve always dreamed of being a doctor. Even though $186,637 is intriguing to me, its more than the money its a dream I would love to fulfill. Education is key when it comes to being successful in life, and knowledge is a gift not everyone is given. And with my gift of knowledge I want to give back to the world in any way I can. Psychiatry is a field that would never feel like a job to me because I am so passionate about it. Pediatric Psychiatry is a field in high demand, with over 13,000 positions needing to be filled by the year 2020. The number of children with mental disorders have drastically increased which has a lot of parents scrambling for help. Furthermore, I want to be a part of the 13,000 Psychiatrist to ensure these children get the help that they need.

Halfway Through My Computer Science Degree

I am starting my Junior year in college to get my Bachelors degree in computer science. I’m specializing in programming. When I get done with school, I shouldn’t have much trouble finding a really good job, so I’m excited.

When I was in grade school, math was always my best subject. I loved how numbers can be used to get things done. Finance, accounting, engineering and other fields really just boil down to math and numbers as far as I’m concerned.

In high school, I was always in the accelerated math classes, and I took Calculus as a Junior. I was one of the few girls in the class. As someone who was good at math, I was encouraged by my teachers to get into computers, and that’s what I did. I learned how a network is set up and how to write code. I learned about the system architecture behind Internet webpages.

After I graduated from High School, I got a job right away working at a computer store. I’d answer the questions of people that came in with problems with their computers and tell them how much it would cost for us to fix them.

The job was fun, but I realized the only way to advance in tech was to get college degree. It’s something employers want to see. It’s not enough to just have the skills these days. You have to have formal degree to get past a certain point. So, I began taking college classes to earn my computer science degree when I was twenty years old. I’m twenty-two now.

During my first two years of college, I took lot introductory classes in many areas. I’ve taken English, psychology and math classes. Classes like English might not seem like they have anything to do with computers, but I was surprised that I really liked them and learned a lot.

Now, in my final two years of college, I’ll really be focusing on my major area of computers. I’m going to be a programmer. I have to learn different programming languages, but the basic logic behind them all is the same. That makes it easier.

When I have my degree, I’ll be ready to return back to the work force full time. I’ll have a career that is rewarding, challenging and will make me financially independent and able to support a family.

Initiative Can Pay for College

Scholarships have been the most important part of my college funding. My parents are just outside of the range economically to allow me to be able to get much federal financial aid assistance other than loans. Loans are okay for a last resort, but scholarships are free money. There are billions in scholarships that go out to the general public every year, but only a small percentage of college students actually ever apply. Because of this, it is reasonably easy to fill a financial aid portfolio with thousands of dollars in free scholarship money, and I am proof.

The pressure and stress that has been alleviated in my parents is palpable. They made sure the expense of college be placed as much on my shoulders as possible. This has allowed me to grasp the serious nature of receiving this scholarship money. Because the basic academic scholarship will pay most of my tuition and books, the scholarship money is directly deposited as a payment to my account. It is real money, and people miss that point. I am glad that the point was not lost on my parents. They made me start applying early. This made me focus more on my school work because many of the scholarships have grade point average requirements, but these requirements were not strict at all.

Some were not related to grades at all, but good grades are still necessary to be accepted to the college that I am attending. This means that the absence of a grade point average requirement does not mean that the scholarship is easy to obtain. It required our attention as a family. Over the course of my college career, I will have received many thousands of dollars. This money will have secured my college education. I do not have to worry about regular issues like eating and housing.

This money means that I can actually focus on school. I could not be more excited. Had I not made it a priority, college would have been a struggle. I have many friends that have tried and dropped out for jobs. I have basically assured my college years by being proactive only a year or more before I am to actually attend. I can see myself with a real chance at a future now. I am quietly happy that I will be accessing a better future due to my scholarships.

Why Education is Important

Education is something in this day and age which more and more are pushing people to get. Some people shrug it off, but there are many reasons as to why getting an education is important. Here are a few of the reasons I have learned throughout life.

I have found that with my education, people listen to me. They trust me in the job I work because I have the education needed to get the work done. They know I am a professional because I took the time out to learn the things essential to doing my job.

Having the right education also helps you to get the pay that you want. The reason for this is because of how much you know; you are worth more. When you are worth more and work hard, they are willing to pay more. This isn’t always guaranteed, but when you look at how much others are paying, you can use this as a starting point for when companies ask you how much you are looking to earn. You know what you are worth then.

Getting a good education will determine where you will work and how far you will go. When you look at people who only got a high school diploma, you find them struggling. There are only so many options and going higher in a company is slim to none. When you have a higher education, the options are pretty open. There are many who are willing to give you a chance to get your foot in the door. It might take some time, but the chances are higher than if you just stopped with the bare minimum. In the end, it might pay off in the end. Stopping at just a Bachelors degree might limit you as to how far you can go in this day and age. If you are wondering how much more education you might need, it is recommended in getting at least a Master’s degree.